Equinox, Wish You Were Here

Equinox, Wish You Were Here

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Country: South Africa

Region: Swartland

Grapes: Syrah, Mouvedre

Vintage: 2021

ABV: 13%

Bottle size: 75cl


Winemaking: Carbonic maceration (Half of Syrah grape), Old oak, unfined, unfiltered

Vegan?: yes

Wish you were here is a red blend named after the Pink Floyd song. It has structure and body with noticeable complexity, but still benefits freshness and natural acidity from an earlier picking and carbonic maceration of the grapes


About the producer: Quickly opting to part ways from larger-scale production in 2010, MC realised his passion for natural winemaking and organic farming at Joostenberg Wines. From there, he continued to work with small producers, and later the independent winemakers in Swartland. In 2018, continuously drawn to a more ‘hands on’ approach, MC founded (ℓ) equinox wines. Working with grape growers from Swartland, (ℓ) equinox aims to create a liquid that is both balanced and natural.