Cariglio Terre Nobili Lida Matera

Cariglio Terre Nobili Lida Matera

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Country: Italy

Region: Calabria

Grapes: Magliocco

Vintage: 2021

ABV: 14.5%

Bottle size: 75cl

Viticulture: Conventional

Winemaking: 6 months in stainless steal tanks

Vegan?: Yes

Rich, round, oozing southern intensity and sweet spice. The flavour and texture is unique. It is both modern in its full body and up front fruitiness but also traditional Italian with its high acidity and provenance, one of the old autocthonous varieties of southern Italy that nobody has heard of! Beautifully balanced for a wine of such intensity, this is for those who just can t resist big red wines and hearty steaks!

About the producer: Lidia Matera is quite a character, she greets you with a big smile, a warm embrace and always very keen to pour her wine for you to taste. Her small wine farm, that she took over from her father, is based in the Valle del Crati, a small bowl shaped valley in the northern part of Calabria where summer temperatures are will peak at close to 40 degrees and the sun shines constantly. Here Lidia grows local varieties Magliocco Dolce and Canino and also Nerello Mascalese, a grape more associated with Mount Etna in Sicily. Her vineyard is organic and she achieves a level of ripeness which produces exceptionally rich and opulent wines which in the best years also have a creaminess and mouth feel which makes for very impressive drinking. These are full bodied wines for those who like big bold flavours and deep colours.